A vertical platformer game made for the game boy.


Move - wasd, arrow keys

jump - space, x

start - ctrl

select - shift

This game was made for the Gameboy and is meant to be really challenging. there is 8 levels in total each gradually getting more and more difficult. you have 3 lives, if you loose all 3 lives in a level you go right back to the beginning but if you get to the next level your lives will restore back to to 3. 

Best game ever - The Times

A true piece of art - Guardian

Just... wow - New York Times

Life changing and heart warming - Daily Mail 

Absolutely Amazeballs!!! - Danny DeVito


Gameboy rom file 256 kB


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10/10 would try again


love your game it’s hard but so much fun your game is the best I played in years 


Nice work, keep it up ;)